May 19, 2011

Make A Pizza in a Stone Oven at Tazawako Campground!

Besides managing a campsite at Lake Tazawa and rents you camping equipments, Tazawako Campground  (田沢湖キャンプ場)offers you a variety of outdoor activities both in the surrounding nature – in Lake Tazawa and nearby rivers and mountains – and at the campground!

The Outdoor Sports Tours extends to the surrounding area and varies as in trekking, canoeing, kayaking, etc. Most recently, they introduced the Outrigger Canoeing Tour, which is designed for the beginners of river sports!

On-site Activities include some fun cooking experiences, like Stone Oven Pizza Activity!

Ishigama (Stone Oven) Thomas!

(Photos/ Tazawako Campground)

Stone Oven Pizza Activity

Monthly Announced

10:00 – 16:00 (At Every Hour / 7 Times)

1,500 Yen (One 25cm Pizza)

This Month:
May 28th and 29th

Topping of the Month:
Choose from
Spring Sansai (“Mountain Vegetables”) like Butternut Sprouts
or MIX Pizza (with some various ingredients)

This is apopular activity that welcomes both overnight campers and day-trippers. The staffs will assist you to make your own pizza in the handmade stone oven and enjoy the fun time with your family and friends!

In winter, Tazawako Campground closes its campsite; however, they relocate a Tipi to Tazawako Kogen Area and inside offer you a Baumkuchen (a layered cake) Making Activity !

(Here is some more photos of Baumkuchen Making in winter.)

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