Feb 17, 2011

Tazawako Rest House in Winter

Tazawako Rest House is a souvenir shop and restaurant on Lake Tazawa. It is located in Shirahama area, sharing a large parking space with Kyoei Paresu.

Tazawako Rest House (田沢湖レストハウス)

More tourists from South-east Asia have been visiting Tazawako area during winter for an experience with snow. February is a month when we have the largest amount of snow in year, so you may find kamakura (an igloo) in some places.

Tazawako Rest House has recently made a large spacious one in front! You can find a small alter where god of water is enshrined.

Their restaurant serves a variety of delicious noodles and combination meal.

The souvenir shop also offers many local specialties like sweets and sake. The manager’s recent favorite is Wafu Pecan Nuts (和風ピーカンナッツ;“Japanese style pecan nuts”) — candied pecan nuts are coated with white chocolate and soy powder. Delicious!

Looking for more Japanese style souvenir from Tazawako? Try Tazawako Usukawa Manju  (田沢湖薄皮まんじゅう), steamed cake with a lot of anko (sweet bean paste) inside. The package has an illustration of Statue of Tatsuko. 

Tofu Hineri-Mochi (豆腐ひねりもち) is another recommendation, if you like soy bean products. Akita is known as one of the major soy bean producers.

Tazawako Rest House also manages yuransen (遊覧船), pleasure boat, which tours around on the Lake. The service is unavailable in winter for the safety but will be available in April.

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