Oct 27, 2009

TAZAWAKO : The Lake and Area

(The golden statue of Tatsuko)

Tazawako refers to the lake Tazawa and also the neighboring area of Semboku City.

Lake Tazawa (Tazawako) is known for its mystical legend and its unforgettable beauty throughout the four seasons. It is a crater lake and the deepest of Japan (423.4m) with a circumference of 20km. It is the 2nd transparent lake of Japan.  The lake captivate you in its mystic atmosphere in every season with the ever-changing beauty. The golden statue of Tatsuko, a girl from the local legend, is a symbolic figure, standing on the western shore of the lake Tazawa.

(Overlooking the lake through the autumn leaves)

(The Torii of Gozanoishi Shrine)

(Tazawako Ski Area)

(Kata Bunko, A former branch of an elementary school)

(Lake Tazawa at dawn)

Photos Courtesy of Semboku City

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