Jan 11, 2011

World Premier of IRIS's Theatrical Version!

IRIS-THE LAST, The theatrical version of Korean Drama IRIS has been just released on January 8th. Before the nationwide theatrical release, there was a premier screening in Akita City!

It was an exclusive event, which invited only 400 people like staffs and volunteers involved in the location shooting in Akita as well as public audience selected out of 4000 applicants.

The opening ceremony was a performance of Namahage, a traditional ritual from Oga peninsula, which also appeared in the film and drama.

Photo courtesy of Semboku City

After the screening some IRIS related goods were handed out to the audience. It contained a few film flyers, IRIS photo cards, and a mug with printed Tazawako scene!

We hope many more people enjoy IRIS, and it will become a good introduction to Akita’s beautiful scenery!

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