Jan 12, 2011

Komakan's Special Deal from 6,980 yen

Komagatake Kanko Hotel (駒ケ岳観光ホテル) is a popular hotel in Tazawako Plateau area, which is located within half an hour from Nyuto Onsen area. It is one of the largest hotels in Semboku City, whose maximum occupancy limit is 560 people. That is why it is known for many group travelers.

Komakan's Hotel Facility

Komakan offers affordable plans for your family and friends with prices starting from 5,000 yen. Check the plans from here.

A special deal for this year is an accommodation with two meals (dinner and breakfast) with a fresh (alive!) abalone and beef shabushabu (a dish in which slices of meat are cooked in hot water and enjoyed with dipping sauce.) The price starts from only 6,980 yen per person. (Weekdays only. )

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