Sep 21, 2010

Tazawako 2-Day March 2010

The 12th Annual Tazawako 2-Day March is coming up next month, October 2-3rd. It is an event in which over 300 participants will gather and walk in Tazawako and the neighboring areas.

The site is relocated now -- to Tazawako Rest House

The courses vary from 5km to 40 km and mainly take around Lake Tazawa. The participation fee is 2,000 yen regardless of which and how many courses you enroll in. For instance, you can walk 5km each day— Day 1 to Gozanoishi Shrine, the one of the most beautiful viewpoint and Day 2 to the Ishigami area to walk through the rice paddies, both starting from Tazawako Rest House in Shirahama Area.

Tazawako Area is a popular destination for a drive. Seeing the twinkles in water and passing through the green leaves is surely refreshing from the windows, but there is so much more beauties to be found if you walk.

That is why Tazawako 2-Day March has been an event to which walkers from all over Japan regularly participate. It is held in beginning of October, when the Akita Komagatake in Tazawako Area is turning into red and oranges. It is not a marathon competition, so you can take your time and have snapshots while enjoying conversations with other participants.

An elementary students group came from Yamagata Prefecture.

Along the Obonai River

Through the rows of Japanese Cedars.

DATE: October 2nd-3rd, 2010. (Sat./Sun.)
FEE: 2,000 yen. (Flat rate regardless of courses)

*Application is accepted from 6:00-6:45 at Tazawako Rest House.
*A free shuttle bus (one way) will take you to the Tazawako Art Village. Your belongings will be handed back to you at the goal. No shuttle bus available.

*Application is accepted from 8:00-9:30 at Tazawako Rest House.

*Applications are accepted from 8:00-10:00 at Tazawako Rest House

*Applications are accepted from 8:00- 10:00

30 KM—Arupa Komakusa (7:30)--the Obonai River--Semboku City Gorvernment Tazawako Office-- Tazawako Rest House

20 KM—Arupa Komakusa (8:30)--Obonai Area-- Tazawako Rest House

*Applications are accepted from 7:00 at Arupa Komakusa.
*A free shuttle bus (one way) is available from Tazawako Rest House to Arupa Komakusa at 7:00,7:40,8:20,9:00, 9:40). From Tazawako Rest House to Arupa Komakusa, please take a local bus line (500 yen). Your belongings will be handed back to you at the goal.

5 KM—Tazawako Rest House (9:30)--Ishigami Area--Tazawako Rest House.
*Applications are accepted from 8:30-10:00 at Tazawako Rest House.

If you want a bento lunch box (600 yen), you need to reserve it by September 24th.
Please call us or send an e-mail.

We can accomodate. Please inquire.

 (Tel. 0187-58-0063)

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