Sep 23, 2010

Get Rakugo Tickets at Honey Festival

Yama No Hachimitsu-Ya BEE SKEP is a specialized honey shop located near Lake Tazawa. The company owner, Mr. Nishimura, is known as a passionate man full of innovative ideas of honey and revitalizing the community.

Bee Skep's Cafe and Pastry Shop

Bee Skep's Queen Bee's Cafe, an open rest space in a double-decker!

When you meet him, you will see how charismatic he is—the fun-loving and eager character attracts many people. He inspires his staffs to become cheerful and hospitable. They are so welcoming and lovely! His philosophy is "if you don't think you could give the best smile to customers, just take a day off." People is what he cares about -- No wonder his shop is the #1 seller in the industry.

Bee Skep’s Honey Festival is coming up soon!
DATE: OCT. 7-9TH, 2010. 9:00-18:00
BUS ACCESS: Bound for Lake Tazawa /Nyuto Onsen and
 off at “Tazawako-bashi” stop. The store is right in front.

Kikuou Hayashiya, a famous rakugo story-teller (Center)

Last year it hosted more than 10,000 people only for 3 days! Phenomenal!

Aside from the honey products in the store (jams, lotions, pastries, etc.), the tents outside will offer a variety of good foods from Akita prefecture such as Inaniwa Udon, sake, pickled veggies, white taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake of rice flour) and so many more things. You can also find Kikuzo Ramen, which is a package of ramen noodle designed by Kikuou Hayashiya, a famous Rakugo (落語;Japanese traditional verbal entertainment) story-teller.

Stage performances and recreational games are available as well. Try your luck to win some Bee Skep products!

What’s more? With a purchase of over 2,000 yen, you will receive a pair of tickets to the Rakugo event on October 16th. Yes, Mr. Kikuou Hayashiya will be the headliner along with opening acts by other prominent rakugo storytellers. The tickets are not sold—it is only given to customers at the Honey Festival. Only 1,000 tickets are given away on a first come, first served basis.

This will be a rare chance to see the real rakugo in Akita! Last year’s great success has become a legend now—we are sure it will be quite an event this time as well. YOU  MUST COME!

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