Jul 7, 2010

Soba Goro is the our favorite specialized soba (buckwheat noodle) shop in town.

Besides the noodles we have mentioned before, Soba Goro actually have atypical soba item: Soba Pudding.

Soba Goro's Soba Pudding

Soba (Buckwheat)
Zarame Sugar (Japanese natural brown sugar)
Granulated Sugar
Shoyu (Soy sauce)

This pudding accompanies a packet of sweet and salty sauce. It is creamy and flavorful with roasted buckwheat! The sweetness is rather mild with a hint of saltiness from soy sauce. It might remind you of Mitarashi Dango (sweet rice cake on stick coated with sweet soy sauce). On the top is crunchy roasted buckwheat.

The chef said the secret is brewing strong milk tea with roasted buckwheat!

Sounds so simple but innovative!

Try it at Soba Goro in Tazawako Ichi.

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