Jul 13, 2010

New Shinkansen Komachi Model E6

Mini-Shinkansen Komachi is a high-speed rail line directly connecting between Tokyo and Akita. It is a bullet train that you are most likely taking travelling to Akita Prefecture.

A brand-new Komachi model has just been announced to the public for the first time. It was given the very first test run on July 7th, 2010 and operated between JR Morioka Station and JR Tazawako Station.

Photos Above Courtesy of JR Tazawako Station

Although the train arrived in Tazawako past midnight, rumors gathered many railroad fans from all over Japan to catch the very first glimpse of the new E6 series shinkansen.

The futuristic body in bright red with an elongated nose-like front is striking at the first glance. According to a local newspaper, Sakigake on the Web, a fan from Kyoto commented, “The shape and color look very cool and fast. With the two lights, the front looks almost like a human face.”

Photos Courtesy of Sakigake On the Web

Sakigake also said that, its interior features symbols of Akita Prefecture: the floor with patterns of rice ears, handsets of beech tree, and seats in striking golden yellow that would remind you of nothing but the autumn rice paddies in Akita!

Additional features include a reading light and a power outlet that are equipped to the individual seats.

The unique, elongated front is due to the attributes to eliminate air resistance and increase speeding efficiency, which will make this train the fastest of all Japanese Shinkansens-- as fast as 320km per hour!

The new model will be introduced to Komachi train service from March 2013.

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lina said...

train nuts, getting on one would be great fun for us!