Jun 24, 2010

Shows at JR Tazawako Station

There are two shows currently being held at JR Tazawako Station: Tazawako’s Traditional Arts Photo Exhibit and Satsuki Bonsai Show.

The photo exhibit is being held by a community group, Tazawako Art and Culture Group (Tazawako Gijutsu Bunka Kyokai: 田沢湖芸術文化協会), whose members include the local photographer previously mentioned, Kazuo Nanba. There are photos taken by other local photographers of rural sceneries and dance performers in traditional costumes.

Held at Folake

Satsuki Bonsai Show is another one being held by a community group. Satsuki is a genus of Rhododendron, which slightly differs from Azaleas (See Azalea Festival in Obonai Park) in terms of its later blooming dates and the smaller size more commonly enjoyed as a form of bonsai, the Japanese art of dwarfing a tree in a container for both contemplation and ingenuity.

Tazawako Tourism Association, along with the corporation with JR Tazawako Station, will be coming up with events and shows like these, so that we can share and introduce you the culture of Tazawako Area. Please come and stop by!

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