Jun 23, 2010

Akita-Iwate Grand Sports Day for the Adults!

A Recreational event that we are looking forward to is going to be held soon in coming month. This is an event, in which people from neighboring prefectures –Akita and Iwate -- meet, socialize, and have a great time while competing in separate teams from each prefecture.

This event is designed so that it casually welcomes the community members – regardless of age, nationality, ethnic group - to join to meet, extend, and strengthen the networks and partnerships in the communities. In fact, they welcome non-native people from other prefectures and countries, for this is an open and casual community event.

The event takes place at Kata Bunko, a former branch of Obonai Elementary School, which is one of the historic landmarks near  Lake Tazawa. The building is wooden and remains nostalgic, which will bring you back the memories from the old times. Undokai, as is called in Japanese, is traditionally held every year as a school event. On this day at this nostalgic site, grown-ups will get together and play some recreational games as we all played as children.


The Gym

DATE: July 10th, 2010. 8:30 a.m. (All Day)
PLACE: Omoide No Katabunko
FEE: 1,500 yen
*Included: Lunch, Entrance Fee to the site, Insurance
*Not Included: Drinks (Alcohol/ Non-Alcohol)
Make sure to bring some for your hydration.


The activities include conventional Undokai games played as school activities but with some adoptions of rules to make it more local and entertaining for adults.

 Borrowing Game – Pick a random card with item and go find it.
 Bread-Catching - In a pair with one piggy-backing, run for a string-hung bread and catch  it by mouth.
 Edamame-Spitting -How far can you spit edamame?
 Balloon-Carrying -A pair will carry a balloon in between the bodies.
 Dialect Message Game -Classic message game but with different dialects!
 Candy-Finding Game - Pick a card and run for the candies buried in flour; blow, find one and grab it.
 Loop, Stick, and Beans -Participants use chopsticks to transport rubber bands and beans
 Tug of War with Four -The ropes are crossed and pulled from four different directions.
 Big Laugh, Lucky Laugh - Pin different parts of the face to make your own Akita/Iwate Beauties!
 Sake Sommelier Contest - Taste and guess the brands from various Akita-Iwate prefectures.

FOR MORE INFO/ENTRY: E-mail  or Call 0187-58-0063

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