Jun 7, 2010

Opening of Mt. Komagatake

June 1st marked an important day for the hikers who had been long waiting for the opening of Mt. Komagatake.

Mt. Komagatake is stretched over the bordering area between two prefectures, Akita and Iwate. On this day, teams of climbers from each prefectures hiked up to meet, performed a Shinto ceremony, and mingled to wish the safety of all the hikers to this area.

Here are some photos, courtesy of  Folake Tazawako Tourist Information Center.

Climbing up from Akita side.

Look at the patches of snow!

About 100 participants enjoyed the hike this day.

Some alpine plants-- one of the earlier ones-- are found.

Long awaited the end of winter, these alpine plants are finally out.

Walking on the deck towards Amida Ike, a pond near the summit area.

At the top of Odake (1623 m) there is a small shrine. There a ceremony to wish the hiker's safety was performed.

Groups from Akita and Iwate exchanged pickels to commemorate the opening day.

You can download the access map with bus and parkin information from the side bar on your right (Available only in Japanese). If you have any further questions, please inquire Folake (folake@tazawako.org) or Sasaki (sasaki@tazawako.org).


remi said...

It's very beautiful!!
Do you climb a mountain this year?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Hi :) We'd love to!

There is a community event in which you can participate to observe the alpine plants. (FOR FREE) We might sign up so we can load some photos up here :) If you are free, you should come along, as well.