Jun 8, 2010

Bee Skep's Pastry Special of the Day 8 -- July is Banana Tartelette!

Bee Skep (山のはちみつ屋:Yama-No-Hachimitsu-Ya) is a honey specialized souvenir shop and cafe located near Lake Tazawa. The shop has gained popularity due to its uniquely designed buildings! It gathers not only the Akita residents but also many people from other areas of Japan and overseas. Bee Skep has become the landmark of Tazawako.

At Bee Skep’s shop, you can find all kinds of honey-related products; honey, skin-care products, stuffed animals, aromatic goods, etc. Honey Ice Cream is sweetened only with honey and mixed fruits! Delicious!

The next is Bee Skep's Okashi-Kobo, a honey pastry shop and café space. The patisier proudly present a various sweets including cream puffs, swiss rolls, biscuits. Their concept is "sweetened only with honey" There is only one item here that contains added sugar --  Kasutera ("Castella," a moist sponge cake) has the minimum amount of sugar to leaven the dough. This cake is available in a box and storable for longer period, so it is highly recommended for a souvenir!

Bee Skep's Okashi-Kobo has open-air seats as well.

A Double-Decker?! Yes, it's called Queen Bee's Cafe. You can rest inside. Air-conditioned!!

The 8th day of the month is a special pastry day!

Today was the day of June, and the pastry was Banana Tartelettes!

All the baked goods are delicious! The Castella is on your right.

100 yen for coffee, tea, macha latte, etc. Refillable for free!

Cream Puff on the bottom is the #1!

Banana Tartelette!

This tartelette contains a layer of caramelized banana and almond cream sweetened with honey. It is topped with daily cream also sweetened with honey. The item is available on limited number and sold no more than 5 per person. The items is differnt every month and it sells out quickly.

Swiss Roll of the Month: Mango Roll

We are in the middle of honey collection season here. Japanese honey is delicate and praised for the quality. Akita is one of the top producers of Japanese honey. Furthermore, did you know most honey produced in Akita Prefecture is collected in Tazawako and Hachimantai area? That is why honey could be a great choice for your souvenir!
For those of you who could only make it on Sundays or holidays, here is good news! Swiss Roll of Month is sold only on those days (Sundays and holidays) and available on limited number as well. Swiss Roll of June is Mango Roll! It will must be delicious! How we wished it was Sunday today.

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