Mar 12, 2010

The official IRIS LOCATION MAP is out!

IRIS, Korean action drama featuring Lee Byoung-hun, Kim Tae-hee and T.O.P. of Big Bang, was shot in Akita Prefecture. The broadcasting in Korea has already ended, but it's still been recieving raving reviews in Korea and other Korean-speaking communities. Finally, the Japanese release date was announced! ( See the details on IRIS Japanese Official Site)

Save the date: Wednesday April 21st, 2010. 21:00-23:00 on TBS Channel.

Many beautiful scenes in which main characters have a romantic get-away were shot in Tazawako Area. Even the rumored and deleted (?) bed-scene was shot in Tazawako! Check out my post on Hotel Ischia.

We have been inquired on the drama locations and access to the other areas. We were unable to publish any IRIS-titled guide maps due to the copyrights and such. However, the rumor had it that the Akita prefectural government was working on a official IRIS materials! In the meanwhile, to live up to the growing expectations and demands, we made a hand-drawn map featuring, not Lee Byoung-hun, but our local character, Takko-chan!!!

Download from the sidebar link or here.  This is so humble *blush*
It has a simplified map of the station area with names of nearby bus stops to the drama locations!
It is still useful, isn’t it? .. Well, at least some people find it cute!

So finally here it is...
The OFFICIAL IRIS Location Guide Book!

Published by Akita Prefectural Government

As of now, only Japanese and Korean versions are available. If you are lucky, you might grab a hard copy, but the stock is extremely scarce! Additional printing has been placed in order and English version is on its way. You can also download a PDF file on their website. (click here)
Enjoy the map and stay in tune!


lina said...

The hand-drawn map is really cute. :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

ah Thank you.. :)