Mar 17, 2010

Meet the producers at Yama-no-rakuichi!

Did you ever realize the sustainable lifestyle is more noticed here in Japan as well? Finally, I’d say!

One of the most acknowledged events is Marche Japon, which organizes markets and events in 9 urban cities of Japan, so the producers and consumers could unite and promote the awareness of environment and health foods in sustainable living. Marche Japon, started in 2009, has been supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, and becoming more and more popular and affective to the relating industries.

However, this movement is not a new-comer: it has been a tradition in many cities of Japan. Our version is Yama-no-rakuichi, which translates to Market from the Mountains, where the farmers and craftsman from Semboku City get together and promote the products in Yokohama city. This 15 year-old event has been very popular and serving as a great opportunity for both producers and consumers in the urban area as well!

Last year event held in Yokohama

You can meet Takkochan, Tazawako's character.

Dorei, handmade clay dolls (center)

So, Yama-no-rakuichi might have been recognized more as an out-of-town campaign here, but why not local?

You got it! Yama-no-rakuichi is happening in town this weekend!

Date: March 20th- 21st, 2010.
Place: Takayanagi Tazawako Plaza (3 mins walk from JR Tazawako Station)
Time: 9:30- 18:00

This 2-days event features many food and handiworks products, such as pan-fried rice cakes, pork products, along with a variety of pickled vegetables and Japanese trout (Yes! Pickled fish, it is!), along with many others! If you are wondering what is not perishable, try a handmade dorei doll!

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