Jan 26, 2010

A New York Times Article That Gives The Beautiful Portray of Snow-Covered Tazawako Area!

Here is an interesting New York Times article from November 2007, titled '' Snowbound in Japan ''.

The article not only gives a beautiful portrait of Tsurunoyu in Nyuto Onsen Hot Spring Area viewed by an American traveler but also shows some amazing and fashionable photos of the hitou, Tsurunoyu and Gozanoishi Shrine, and Ukiki Shrine at Lake Tazawa.

The models make the places seems surreal, but the scenery is authentic! The background view is just like how it looks like during the winter. Aren't they beautiful? Also, the article gives an accuate portray of the places around Lake Tazawa.

Tsuruyoyu is one of the oldest hot springs in Japan, which has been  acclaimed as the best hitou (hidden hot spring) in East Japan. Gozanoishi Shrine is at Lake Tazawa, whose red torii gate over the blue lakewater is truly mesmerizing - selected as one of the most spiritual spots ("Power Spots") of Japan. Ukiki Shrine is also on Lake Tazawa, right next to the famous golden statue of Tatsuko - also plays an important role in the legends of Lake Tazawa.


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