Sep 6, 2012

Kakunodate-matsuri Festival 2012!!

Coming up on September 7th through September 9th will be the Kakunodate-matsuri Festival in Kakunodate.

For those of you who aren`t "in the know," Kakunodate-matsuri Festival is a historic festival handed down for over 350 years. The festival is held for three days in hope of the town`s prosperity and business success. 18 floats decorated with lanterns, samurai and Kabuki dolls, and traditional dancers riding the floats cruise around the town.

When on float meets another, they negotiate for right of way. If the negotiation fails they crash into each other repeatedly in an attempt to pass forcefully. This is the most famous part of the festival, known as Yama-buttsuke (meaning float-crashing).

climax moment of the Yama-buttsuke

Also you  just hanging around the town and grabbing some foods from food stalls which are found along the streets, seeing the kabuki-themed samurai figures, and walking through the crowd of people in festival costume. There is no way you can have this sort of experience anywhere else, please come and join Kakunotdate-matsuri Festival. All of these become an unforgettable experience.

For more information call 0187-52-1170 (Japanese Only) or visit

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