Apr 8, 2012

Promoting Tohoku tourism

On March 18, Destination Tohoku campaign commenced as the tourism promotion vehicle for the Tohoku region devastated by last year`s earthquake and tsunami, with the hope of the Japan Tourism Agency and the local tourism industry that the campaign will bring tourists back to the disaster-hit region.

"Destination Tohoku Campaign" is one-year project (last through March 31, 2013) to promote tourism in the stricken prefectures. People can help Tohoku recover from the effects of the disasters by enjoying hot springs, festivals, shopping, local food, cherry blossoms, and other attractions in the region.

The campaign divides the Tohoku region into 28 tourism zones, including Hirosaki in Aomori Prefecture, Hanamaki/Tono in Iwate prefecture, Matsushhima in Miyagi Prefecture, Shonai in Yamagata Prefecture, and Fukushima, with the northernmost zone as Shimokita, Aomori Prefecture, and the southernmost Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture. In each zone, a "traveler salon" is set up at an entry point (in many cases near a JR station) and given all relevant information and assistance required.

At the first traveler salon they visit, tourists can receive a stamped "Tohoku passport." Visitors can get discounts at restaurants and sightseeing spots by showing this passport, and those who collect a certain amount of passport stamps by visiting multiple zones will receive a gift.

Those who are interested in having fun while helping Tohoku recover should visit www.visitjapan-tohoku.org to learn more.

The website offers tourist information, all you need to know about Tohoku. You will find travel information: experience programs, events, restaurants, shops and recommended tourist courses. Website information is provided in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.

Come and experience the warm-hearted and generous spirits of the people of Tohoku!

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