Jan 24, 2012

Restaurante La Fuga : A Place of Satisfying Italian Cuisine and At-Home Atmosphere!

La Fuga is an Italian restaurant in Kakunodate Town. It is a popular place known for their fresh pasta and cozy atmosphere. The reputation has been widely spread in and out of Akita Prefecture. In a town known for its touristic Japanese scenery, La Fuga surely stands out as a place to enjoy satisfyign foreign cuisine!

La Fuga was established in 1986 by the current owner, the Miura Family. The chef took inspiration on his trip to Italy. He was impressed by the high quality of fresh pasta there, so that when he returned home he decided to recreate the taste on his own. After countless trials, he finally managed to come up with the satisfactory recipes!

Today, La Fuga has been introduced by various media both locally and internationally - even on the popular international guidebook, Lonely Planet!

La Fuga serves the signature house-made fresh pasta and dried spaghetti (Italian De Cecco) in various ways – from simple tomato sauce to Bolognese, and to Carbonara. The home-made pizza is a popular dish as well.

An order of fresh penne starts with a salad with La Fuga’s original dressing (that’s really delicious and appetizing). The choices include ones with salmon in cream sauce as well as eggplant and mozzarella in tomato sauce -- All of the listed are satisfying both in quality and quantity!

For your refreshment, do not forget a desert! The desert of the day was a baked apple – perfectly cinnammony, sweet and tart in balance, hiding some raisins inside!

Desert of the Day is written on the board: Cheesecake, Semifreddo Al Caffe, and Vanilla Icecream.

The space is available as a  meeting room as well. You can bring in your own food.

The Miura Family is really friendly and creates such an at-home atmosphere. With such a loving care that the couple has been providing with all friends and guests, locals and foreigners, many find this place as “a home away from home.”

On the side, the family makes the house available for a home-stay experience. They provide your own bedroom and share the kitchen. Check the details here.

La Fuga is located near Kakunodate Minami High School within a 10-minute walk from the Bukeyashiki-dori, the main street of samurai houses. They are open from 10:00 –14:30 and closed on Mondays.

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Fiona said...

Hello! I have sent a few emails to Eiko (eikomiura@yahoo.co.jp) to ask about booking accomodation at the La Fuga homestay, but have not received a reply. Do you know if they have changed email address from the one on their website?