Jan 4, 2012


A greeting from Takkochan, our Mascot Character of Tatsuko, the guardian dragon of Lake Tazawa!

Happy 2012, everyone!

Hope you all have spent the new years heart fulfilled with your family and friends!

As you know, the year 2011 was an uneasy year – starting with the continuing joy on Kunimasu but soon followed the March disaster, which inflicted us with a great damage in Tohoku. (related articles) We persevered in the time of calamity, united, and recovered fast to resume to rebuild our beautiful country. Meantime, we've received immeasurable amount of encouragement from many countries. Thank you all for the support!!!

Let the 2012 begin – with many exciting events to come! Besides our annual festivals, this year Tazawako will host a few big conventions for doctors and folktale tellers (!), an American students home-stay program, and possibly filming of the Korean drama IRIS (unofficial, yet). We can't wait to meet you here and host you with some life-changing experiences!

 2012 is a year of dragon! It will be our lucky year for Tazawako, because the guardian of Lake Tazawa is a dragon! We will keep on providing you with more exciting news on the land of dragon ;) so stay close on this blog and also follow us on twitter @TazawakoEng.

Best regards :)

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