Dec 7, 2011

"If Not Now, When Would You?" - JR's New Campaign to Promote our Lively Tohoku Region!

Japan Railway has been promoting Tohoku in their new campaign. A new TV commercial has been gathering much attention, which features three girls traveling around our lively Tohoku region!

These 3 girls take a tour in Tohoku and experience uniquely fun activities. It starts from Akita, in which they watch the Namahage-kan, in Oga Peninsula. The performance often involves the audience and so much fun (might startle you a bit, though.) The commercial ends with this catch phrase:

"If not now, when would you?"
(Meaning... Now is the time to come to Tohoku!)

This fun commercial was made to promote JR's new campaign to promote Tohoku! To commence the promotion, on December 4, Japan Railway's Tohoku Shinkansen (high-speed railway) held the first anniversary after opening the entire lines through the Tohoku region. In March, JR introduced Hayabusa, a latest model of train, but soon it was called off due to the devastated earthquake occurred in the same month. On April 29th, JR resumed its operation, which connected the entire Tohoku region from north to south. The company has worked to reconstruct and recovered quickly to full service.

At the anniversary event at Shin-Aomori Station, the Aomori City mayor attended along with other officials and local residences. He commented in an interview, “Thanks to JR’s shinkansen service to Aomori, we were able to recover from the heavy snow and the March disaster.” Also, the JR stationmaster of Shin-Aomori Station exclaimed, “We will continue to make efforts to make as many fans of Aomori as possible.”

The arriving passengers were welcomed in a festivity, in which the famous Nebuta-Bayashi music was played and local students gathered to hand some hand-made gifts.

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