Dec 21, 2011

FREE Ski Tickets for All 19 Years-Olds Throughout the Season 2011-12 ! (And Free for 20 yrs-olds on Jan 15)

Are you 19 years old? Planning a ski trip? You may be eligible for this Free for 19 campaign at Tazawako Ski Area!

Tazawako Ski Area is among the 6 ski areas in Akita Prefecture that give you a great deal. Lifts are free for all those who are 19 years-old according to the Japanese academic calendar –that is those who were born between April 2, 1992 and April 1, 1993.

All you have to do is to show your valid photo ID at the ticketing counter and get an all-day ticket. This deal is all throughout the season 2011-12 and available as many times as you come!

This campaign is called Akita de Snow 19 and it is to commemorate th 100th year since ski was introduced to Japan. Other ski areas in Akita are Akita Hachimantai, Daisen-shiei Kyowa, Ani, Chokai Kogen Yashima, and Junesu Kurikoma. As a part of this campaign, the tickets are free for the 20 years-olds on Coming-of-Age day, January 15.  

To see Tazawako Ski Area Pamphlet,
Click HERE.

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