Nov 24, 2011

Not Another Natto Hand Roll - Famima Introduces A Unique Kind Designed by Ms. Yamate of Kashintei Shirahama!

The Japanese convenience store, Family Mart, has introduced a product designed by the manager of an exquisite hotel at Lake Tazawa, Kashintei Shirahama (花心亭しらはま).

"Temakizushi Iburitakuan Natto"
手巻寿司 燻り沢庵納豆 (しょっつるし使用)
Mr. Yamate has designed this hand roll with characteristic ingredients from Akita Prefecture. This is not a typical Nattomaki you could find – this hand roll features not only the natto, fermented soybeans, but also contains finely-chopped iburigakko, smoked pickled radish, and seasoned with aromatic shottsuru, the original fish sauce made with hatahata fish – both are popular specialties from Akita Prefecture.

Mr. Yamate is known for her classic style and her talent as an Okami who manages  the popular hotel. She has previously produed some unique product such as this beautiful o-manju cake.

Not a typical Nattomaki you can find!

With the subtle saltiness by the fish sauce, the hand roll can be enjoyed either alone or with a hint of some soy sauce. The hand roll is only 160 Yen each.

This is a commercial campaign by Family Mart to promote the delicious foods from Tohoku region that are recommended by famous Okami (lady masters) representing each prefecture. The campaign started on November 15 and will continue until December 12.

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