Aug 5, 2011

Tweet & Stay at Farmer's Inn : Sign Up For the Green Tourism Monitor Tour in Semboku City

Semboku City (仙北市) has launched a new division(Nosanson Taiken Design Shitsu, 農山村体験デザイン室) designated for designing rural agricultural experiences particularly in the field of Green Tourism (“eco-tourism”) and educational programs. It is the City’s effort to head-start the industry to promote such inbound tourism using our unique and excellent natural resources. In fact, Semboku City is the pioneer of green tourism in Akita Prefecture.

Technology Plus Tradition:

Since July, they have been offering a very unique monitor tour that has utilized the latest technology and the traditional agricultural life. The participants use twitter to make notes of what the real-time experiences are like. Through that, it aims to connect the technology saavy generation (e.g. internet) and another that is generally considered aging and less exposed to the technology of social media. It ultimately aims to promote the stays at Noka-minshuku (農家民宿), farmer’s inn.

Tweet Your 1-Night/2-Days Experience at a Farmer’s Inn:

The monitor tour hosts a group twice a month from July to December, 2011. The participants stay at a farmer’s inn (Nokaminshuku), enjoy the rural activity such as agricultural experiences, cooking traditional cuisine, and mingle with the farmers and other locals. The excitement and joy of the real hands-on experiences will be spread and shared by the participants’ Tweets.


Anybody with a Twitter account and follow @semboku_gt can sign up. Tweet your will addressing to @semboku_gt with a hashtag #semboku_gt . You will be provided more detailed information on your itinerary. If there were more than the maximum number of tour participants, the committee will assess and make a selection.

No fee will be charged on condition that you are fully participating in the monitor tour.(That means it is free hotel with meals and other activities!)

Other Notes:

If wi-fi routers are necessary to lubricate the communication infrastructure, they will be lent to you.

Your tweets will be re-tweeted by the division. You will be asked to tweet with the hashtag ( #semboku_gt) so that the monitor tour will be more widely seen and shared by many people.

Each tour is held at different Noka-minshuku (a farmer’s inn) with unique experiences.

You will have an unforgettable rural experience for free! This is a rare chance that you shouldn’t miss!


lina said...

What a great experience to those selected. :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Hello! Thank you for the comment! The tour is open for foreigners as well, so please join!