Jun 22, 2011

Meet The Kaientai, A Group of Illustrated Portrait Artists, at Akita Airport!

This weekend, there will be the 30th anniversary event at Akita Airport. Along with many event attractions happening at the site, a group of local artists will be having a booth where you can have your own original portrait!

According to Akita Keizai Shibun, the group, Kaientai (絵縁隊), has just been formed in this spring by three portrait artists from Akita Prefecture: Toramaru from Akita City, Akihito from Yokote City, and Mariko from Semboku City!

Each group member makes a living as a commercial designer and works on the portraits in a side project: They have individually worked in a booth at a local event, accepting online orders, and recently as a volunteer in the disaster stricken areas like Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture.

Toramaru has been making the portraits for 5 years now of about 7,000 people. “By having an opportunity to combine our three unique qualities as a group, we hope to boost the excitement at the event,” says Toramaru.

Kaientai will be participating in the 30th anniversary event of Akita Airport this Sunday, June 26, which will become their very first event as a group.

Are you a portrait artist looking for a way to promote yourself or to connect more with local people? Call Toramaru (TEL 090-6685-5777), since the group is hoping to welcome new members.

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