Jun 14, 2011

A Guided Walking Tour to See Fireflies in Nishiki Area

Fireflies are the signs of summer, as is a seasonal reference in haiku poems of Japan.

Genji-botaru (源氏蛍)and Heike-botaru (平家蛍)are the common species found in northern Japan; the two species are said to have been named after two opposing clans of the late Heian Period. In folklore, Genji-botaru is said to carry the spirit of Minamoto-no-Yorimasa, a famous warrior, who was defeated by the Heike clan in a war. His spirit in the body of fireflies is said to be wandering because it hasn’t attained nirvana. Such beliefs may have been widely spread and have come to name the larger species “Genji” and the smaller ones “Heike”.

Anyway, both species are common in Japan, but it is said the numbers are decreasing rapidly due to the changes of climate and pollution. In Nishiki area and Tazawako area, you can still see them in clusters. But many places are privately owned and not publically promoted. If you wish to see them, here is your chance!


Walking with the Fireflies
(A Guided Walking Tour to See Fireflies in Nishiki Area)

Saturdays, June 2, 9, & 16.

Enter the area from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The guide tour is about 2 hours 30 minutes.
500 Yen /Person (Includes Guides)
Adults Over 20 Years old.

Katakuri-kan (TEL 0187-47-3535)

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