May 26, 2011

Picking Mountain Vegetables on World Challenge Day

Our destination was Daikakuno Farm (大覚野牧場) in Nishiki Area.

Daikakuno Farm (大覚野牧場)is located in Nishiki Area, from where you can have a splendid view of Akita Komagatake and Mt. Moriyoshi. The pasture land is over 170 hectare on a plateau of about 520 meters (1706 ft.) high. The rolling crops and grassland (some people say) reminds you of the scenery in Northern Europe! There are a few ponds in which small shrimps inhabit as well as a swamp called Tatechinuma, which is said to be where giant carps can be caught.

The cows are out in early June.

Daikakuno Farm is about 1 hour away drive from our office near JR Tazawako Station. You take Route 105 northbound to Kita-Akita City. Along the road, you will see railroads and no-man Stations of Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway. You also will drive seeing the mountains, rice paddies, and beautiful rivers. You will pass Kamifusen-kan, an event site for the Giant Paper Balloon Festival of Nishiki Area. The gravel road that leads you to the farm appears on your left.

We took the roads to drive further into the mountain  in search of some good Sansai !!!

Funny, although we did not expect to see many people in middle of the week, we did see many cars with full loads of Sansai! We laughed in the car how we couldn’t help feeling competitive with others!

Here are some findings on this day:

Taranome (left top/ center right), Zenmai ferns (left bottom),
Koshiabura (center bottom), and Warabi ferns (right bottom)

Obviously, 15 minutes was not enough to find many Sansai but we did accomplish our 15-minutes quota! Also, we were incredibly refreshed by the breeze in the young leaves!

... Now back in the office!

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