May 16, 2011

The First Ghibli Production to Become a Musical Play!

Gekidan Warabi-za (“Warabiza Theater Company”) has been celebrating the 60th anniversary. Their newest musical play is called “Omoide Poroporo,” which is based on a Studio Ghibli Production in 1991 directed by Isao Takahata. It was the very first Ghibli Animation, which has become a theater play!

“Omoide Poroporo” takes place in Tohoku region. Taeko is a 27 years-old woman who works in Tokyo. She takes a vacation to visit Yamagata Prefecture to visit the family of her sister’s husband in Yamagata Prefecture. There, she meets safflower farmers, experience a way of rural living, and gains a new perspective in life.

Here is a Youtube trailer of the original Ghibli Anime, Omoide Poroporo (“Only Yesterday”) !

The Warabi-za version features traditional festival music and shishimai (“lion dance”). The feeling of nature in the forests and rivers is expressed by body movements on stage.

The Warabiza Performance has started on May 8th and continues till July 22nd. After the pause during the national tour, they will come back to Akita on August 21st and stay till January 3rd. Check for the schedule and the ticket information on their official website or call 0187-44-3939.

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