Mar 16, 2011

Donation Accepted for Relief Aid to Iwate Prefecture

From today, March 16th, Akita Prefecture will accept donations to be sent out to the disaster-affected areas in Iwate Prefecture. If you have any excess supplies on the list below that is available for donation, please bring them in to the nearest designated centers.

Accepted Items for Relief Aid:

(Men/women; Un-used ones only)

Clothes, Socks, Winter Clothes, Blankets
(Brand-new or clean ones Only)

*Contain the items in a box with an attached list of size, number, and gender for each item.

*Perishable goods, frozen food, food that will expire within 1 month are not accepted.

To find out the location to bring in your items, please call
 Akita Prefectural Government (018-860-1513).
If you are in Semboku City and Daisen area, please call 0187-63-5114.

The items are accepted from
Monday to Friday (8:30-18:00) and Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays (9:00-17:00).


Anonymous said...

Can you give us information about where to send money to support iwate prefecture?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Thank you for your interest in donation.

Here is a link to Iwate Kyodo Bokin-kai, a credible organization where you can donate through. The money you donate from this organization directly goes to the victims in Iwate prefecture. You can find a link to engilsh pdf file from there.

Of course, you can donate from Red Cross whose donation will be shared for the victims affected in other stricken areas as well.

Thank you, again, for your support!