Feb 2, 2011

Chinrai Hanten: Chinese Restaurant for the Hugnry Travelers!

Chinrai Hanten (珍来飯店) is a Chinese restaurant near JR Tazawako Station. This popular restaurant is known for the good taste and volume that satisfies everyone --- even the hungriest travelers on budget.

Kanitama-don (カニ玉丼;top left and middle pictures) is popular for all-ages! It is a crab omelet in thick sweet and sour sauce over white rice. Champon (チャンポン; top right contains a lot of vegetables served in thick sauce. Just imagine there is ramen noodle hidden underneath—it is surely satisfying your for your empty stomach! Yasai-miso Ramen (野菜ミソラーメン;middle) is ramen noodle served in miso-based soup topped with stir-fried vegetables. Chinrai-men (珍来メン;bottom two) is the chef’s signature dish! Meat and vegetables stir-fried in thick spicy sauce that is served on top of a ramen noodle soup.

The restaurant offers almost 70 dishes. Combination plates are available from 800 yen, which serves a ramen and a rice plates, both in full size! Side dishes such as gyoza (pan-fried dumpling;350 yen), rebanira-itame (grilled liver and leek; 650yen), tamago soup (egg flour soup;350yen) are available as well.


lina said...

Look absolutely yummy!

Just a question - are any or all of those contain pork/meat items in it? I'm asking on behalf of some visitors who might have dietary restriction but want to try out the local food. Sometimes, we are too afraid to try because we don't know which one contain meat products.

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

I understand that visitors may want to be conscious about the ingredients, because of the culture, religions, or medical reasons.

Like many Japanese dishes, they contain meat products. Even when the name says "vegetable ramen", it is most likely contain broth taken from animal product. In many places, it is difficult to serve without meat.

At some restaurants, the menue may list meatless plates, or you might be able to request adjustments for you.

On this blog, we will try our best to mention the ingredients as much as we know. (meatless, kind of meat, organic, etc).

Thanks for your ideas, Lina-san.