Jan 5, 2011

Tazawako-Kakunodate:Two Areas United as a Tourism Brand

Late last year, Semboku City government had announced that it designates the combined areas of Tazawako and Kakunodate as a tourism brand. The city also asked for an idea for the official logo of “Tazawako-Kakunodate” area. In mid-December, a logo idea was finally chosen out of 214 ideas submitted from Japan and Korea.

The double circle suggests the bottom of Lake Tazawa, the deepest in Japan; 田shape derives from the initial letter of 田沢湖 (Tazawa-ko). The angular shape simbolizes the historical townscape of Kakunodate, in which you can associate it to the roads, boarding fence, mansion, and squared shapes. The Kakunodate symbol is connected to the Tazawako to the northern north-east and united to value the tradition and foresee the future. With a resemblance to the avatar of Lake Tazawa, the whole picture represents a transformation of Semboku City.

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