Jan 7, 2011

Ramen-ya Gen (らーめんや玄)on Route 46

Ramen-ya Gen (らーめんや玄)is a ramen noodle shop on route 46 between Tazawako are and Kakunodate area. This is a restaurant that is hard to miss if you are driving the road.

Ramen-ya Gen (らーめんや玄)

We ordered Vegetable Miso Ramen (left bottom) and Vegetable Ankake Ramen (bottom center). The dishes look exactly the same, but you would see the difference from close-up.

"Ankake" (あんかけ)is a thickened sauce,. so it means the noodle soup is served with vegetables stir-fried in thickened sauce. The noodle is rather thin and hard; and rather soupy compared to other ramen shops. Both of them were delicious and satisfying ;)

They also serve combination items in which ramen is served with side dishes like fried rice, gyoza (potstickers; 250 yen), and pickled vegetables.

The low prices (ranging from 450 to 900), volume, and the friendly atmosphere are the reasons why this restaurant attracts many hardcore fans.

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lina said...

Look sooooo yummy!

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yes, Lina-san, it was good :)