Dec 20, 2010

Books About The "Lost" Fish, Kunimasu!

Kunimasu’s re-discovery has been unfolding its mysterious history that is closely related with the regional development of Tazawako area. Our Wanted Campaign also played a big part in the history of searching for the “lost” species. Our passion traces back many centuries even as is told in Legend of Tatsuko.

You may still wonder why this is such a big deal, but here are some books that explain it all:

By Takao Yaguchi
ISBN: 4-06-334533-5
Published by Kodansha

This is a comic book written and illustrated by Yaguchi Takao as a part of his series Tsurikichi Sanpei (釣りキチ三平). In the first half of this book, 10-year-old Sanpei, a passionate fisher visits Lake Tazawa in search of the “lost” fish, kunimasu. He is guided by a member of Tazawako-machi Tourism Association to learn about how the acid water of Tamagawa River was channeled into Lake Tazawa and killed the endangered species. Sanpei also discovers how kunimasu has evolved into its own kind because of Tazawako’s unique environment. It also introduces Legend of Tatsuko, which is closely tied with the mystery of kunimasu.

Maboroshi-no-sakana Kunimasu Hyakka
 (幻の魚 クニマス百科)
By Hideki Sugiyama
ISBN: 4870202050
Published by Akita Sakigake Shinpo-sha

This book is written by a researcher, Hideki Sugiyama, which gives detailed scientific analysis on kunimasu. The book also includes colored photos and an interview of fishermen and detailed results by kunimasu committee back in the Wanted campaign. It includes a English description by two American researchers (Jordan and McGregor) and two comparative drawings.

The book is available at JR Tazawako Station. If you are in Japan, we can send you a copy as well.

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