Sep 3, 2010

Recommended Souvenirs: Honey Jams and Okami Crackers

Some loyal fans of Tazawako might have already tried most of the typical souvenirs from Akita, such as kiritanpo, inaniwa udon, sake etc-- they are very delicious and must items but rather ubiquitous in Akita.

Since you are in Tazawako area, you should try something different or bring back something different to impress your friends.

Here  we would like to recommend you other unique options of souvenirs!

Honey Jams from Bee Skep!
Left: Strawberry Jam
Right: Honey and Milk "Jiggly" Jam

You can buy it at a honey shop called Bee Skep near Lake Tazawa! These jams are very tasty! Honeys are lower in calories and less-fattening ;) Highly recommended!

"Akita Bijin no Okami Senbei"
From Hotels of Taenoyu Group

These crackers are not so sweet but the okami is..

Okami, the landlady/master of a Japanese inn, illuarated on the crackers is one of the most acclaimed contributors who brought the filming of Korean drama IRIS to Tazawako Area. She is a petit but an energetic lady who will welcome you in her charming warmness.

She is the head of Taenoyu Onsen, one of the 7 hot spring inna in Nyuto Onsen Area,  in affiliation with Hotel Ischia and Miyako Wasure.  If missed catching her in person for a photo, do not worry-- just get these senbei!! :)


lina said...

Wow! What a great way to honour the Okami. A senbei of her own. :)
I wonder whether we met her last year? ;)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yes, indeed. I dont know if you have met her, but perhaps you did :)