Sep 13, 2010

Meet the Jindai Curry Super Hero:

The group of Jindai Curry Promoters is consisted of 30 members with various backgrounds. They are mainly enthusiastic business men in the tourism and agriculture industries. The leader is Mr. Koichiro Sato, Executive Managing Director of the Taenoyu Group (Taenoyu Onsen, Hotel Ischia, and Miyako Wasure).

Jindai Curry Ranger (機動販売戦隊 神代カレンジャー)

The members are easily spotted out. They call themselves “Jindai Currangers (神代カレンジャー)." The yellow costume is custom-made: the two yellows of curry roux, white of Jindai rice, and silver of the silverware. And what’s more—the boiled egg on the belt.

Curranger (Curry-Ranger) in front of the new rice crop.

The members are such fun-loving people that they come up with some innovative events! They have served foods to the IRIS filming groups during the 2009 shoot. They are supportive and cheerful people for our community! Please support them!

"Do you like your mom's curry better? Or, your father's?" (In Standard Japanese Vers.)

The similar plot now in Akita dialect with Standard Japanese Subtitles. LOL

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