Sep 28, 2010

A Long-Run Hit Play at Warabi-Za

Warabi-za is a theater company whose headquarter is located in Tazawako Art Village. Or, should we say that Tazawako Art Village is Warabi-za’s headquarter? (Japanese Official Website)

Anyway, Warabi-za is not like any others-- whose dedication to the preservation of Japanese traditional folk arts is both nationally and internationally recognized. In the course of 60 years history, Warabi-za has established its own multi-purpose facility like onsen, restaurants and hotel-- only in an effort to support their own theater group.

Yamagami-Sama No Okurimono (山神様のおくりもの)
is currently in Warabi-za Theater.

This is a story inspired by a local tradition of bear hunting (matagi). A very unique theme and only Warabi-za can do a great job on such theme!! Yamagami-sama no Okurimono is a long-run hit play of Warabi-za since 1999. Now with new actors, it has been growing its popularity again!

Warabi-za Theater!

In theater until November 3. 2010.
Morning (at 10:30 ) and afternoon (at 14:00) shows are available on most days.


Warabi-za Theater is easily accessed from JR Kakundoate Station.
Just take the direct shuttle bus to Warabi-za., available about 10 trips a day.
(see map and bus time table)

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