Aug 24, 2010

Divine! The Cedar Rows at Kimpo Shrine.

Rows of Sugi, or Japanese cedars, at Kimpo Shrine are designated as the Natural Monument of Akita Prefecture. The rows connect from the Sanmon Gate, where the two Buddhist guardian statues stand, and all the way up to the shrine building.

"Cedar Rows of Kimpo Shrine"

These trees, 40 of them on the right and 41 on your left, are said to be about 350- 600 years old. According to the locals, many gigantic trees in the surrounding area were cut down during the wartime for the ship-building—except for these cedar trees!

That is why many hidden pockets of forests with ancient trees can be found in this region. These cedar rows are one of the fine examples.

Walking on the stone-paved staircase covered with moss, you would feel like you are being protected by the trees. So divine!

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