Jun 16, 2010

Touring in Tazawako for Women with Tomoko Tsuchiya

Cycling in Tazawako is becoming a popular past-time activity among tourists. If you are interested in a short distance cycling for an hour or two, there are some bicycle rental places near JR Tazawako Station and Lake Tazawa.

Cycling around Tazawako!

For those who want to go beyond, signing up for a bicycle touring could be your choice. Tomoko Tsuchiya, Sports/Leisure Producer and a representative of SPOKE, is the organizer and instructor for  Touring in Tazawako for Women (女性のための田沢湖ツーリング).

Cycling along Lake Tazawa. Sounds fun?

Then along the rice paddies..

It is basically a package tour in which you will be traveling to sightseeing spots in Semboku City by a transportation called bicycle. Courses are designed for all levels, especially for beginners who want to discover the world of bicycle touring. That is the motto of Tsuchiya-san, who had been engaged in bicycle touring over the past 20 years after the inspiration from Tour de France.

One of the attributes to meet Tsuchiya-san is her unique personality as someone who moved to Tazawako after residing many years in her hometown, Tokyo. She has worked as an art director in her earlier career and then engaged herself in a community development project in Hokkaido. And now here she is-- in Tazawako. Through her blog, we always find refreshing, inspiring descriptions that make us appreciate even little happenings in everyday life. Meeting her in person and get involved with her instruction would be an unforgettable experience! She has also experiences and involvements with non-Japanese speaking cyclists as well. 

The middle, squatting down is Tomoko Tsuchiya.

Each Itinerary differs depending on destinations and seasons, offering you the opportunities to enjoy the most beautiful scenery available at that time. See the schedule in Japanese.

The next one is coming up soon: July 10th, to Nyuto Onsen Area to See Fireflies (59,000yen)

The price includes all the followings:
Round trip shinkansen tickets (Tokyo-Tazawako), hotels, meals, snacks, instruction, bicycle rental (w/ helmet, glove), insurance, other transportation and technical support.

More detailed itinerary and other information is available. Aks us or Tsuchiya-san (SPOKE).

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