Jun 22, 2010

A Hidden Short Trail to Mirror Stone and Bridge of Wishes

Kagami Ishi  (鏡石)is one of the hidden spots you might enjoy on your trip to the Gozanoishi Shrine.

Hardly visited nor known by locals, Kagami Ishi is located about 300 meters up on a trail through the woods, which starts from the west of Gozanoishi Jinja. The trail - more like a short walk - is only 15 to 20 minutes out and back. It is rather steep in some parts but the whispering leaves and cozy wind are very refreshing.

You will be crossing a bridge called Negai-bashi, Bridge of Wishes, where you will see inscribed wishes of the visiters. At the top of the trail, you will find a rock called Kagami-ishi, the Mirror Rock, which is said to have been what Tatsuko has come to mirror herself in to tidy herself up.

A few minutes in the trail, Negaibashi (A Bridge of Wishes) welcomes you.
Remember to make a wish while crossing!

Wishes engraved: I wish my tummy will get better!

"May my family live in happiness"

A few more minutes till the end of the trail.

The end is a small viewpoint to take a glimpse of Kagami-ishi.

The Kagami Ishi.

Lake Tazawa seen from the view point.

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