Apr 28, 2010

Tazawako Ski Area is Open This Summer

Tazawako Ski Area is open during this summer as well! One of the most remembered Akita scenes of Korean Drama IRIS was shot at Tazawako Ski Area. Ginrei House is a restaurant where Kim Hyeon-joon (Lee Byung-hun) and Choi Seung-hee (Kim Tae-hee) have a cup of coffee after skiing. The building is located about halfway up the hill, where you could have a magnificent view of Lake Tazawa.

The winter sports season is officially over, but Tazawako Ski Area is going to remain open throughout the off-season as well. They are commemorating the drama shoot at the site, and turning the restaurant Ginrei House into an exhibition space where you can have a coffee (Blended coffee Lee was pleased) or other kinds of soft drinks. The site is being decorated with many props actually used during the shoot--- snow suit worn by Lee, the yellow snow mobile, autographs by the casts, etc. Many tour packages are already confirmed by JTB and JR View (major Japanese travel agencies), which are already being booked so rapidly!

The admission charge to this exhibition is 500 yen per person including your choice of a drink. Whether or not you come to Tazawako for drama, you will definitely enjoy visiting this place!

Still in the process of preparation here.

View from the window where the actors sat.

The same cup used for the scene. The cups are disappearing... I wonder how!

One of the slopes at Tazawako Ski Area was named IRIS Gelande.

Soundtrack and promotional videos are being played.

The panels with autographs are displayed.

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