Apr 20, 2010

Generating Heat in Sashimaki Wetland !?

Did you know Zazenso generate heat up to 25 degree in Celsius?


According to some sources like Wikipedia and other Japanese websites, Zazenso (Eastern Skunk Cabbage) and other skunk cabbages are able to generate temperature of up to 35 degree. This results in increasing rate of pollination by spreading the pungent odor and attracting fries! The heat mechanism of Zazenso is caused by an unknown reason. Isn’t that interesting?


I feel awkward every time I call both Mizubasho and Zazenso "Skunk Cabbages", because the kinds familiar to us do not stink at all! It is enjoyed by many people here because the white and purple contrast vividly against the dull color of soil after the snow.


Mizubasho (Japanese Skunk Cabbage) in Sashimaki Mizubasho Colony is in full bloom. It is expected to last until the end of Golden Week (May 5th). This is a place where you can see not only the wetland plants like skunk cabbages, but also Katakuri, Dogtooth Violets. Although only a few Katakuri flowers are found here and there in Sashimaki Wetland, they still appear vivid and adorable with other plants. If you want to see a purple field of dogtooth violets, try Nishiki Katakuri Colony! (Not in bloom until the end of April.)

Not many of them, but surely enough! Pretty Kikuzaki-Ichige (Anemone pseudoaltaica) is easily spotted out.

Japanese Alder Trees seems to be standing as if it's protecting the flowers on the ground.

Mt. Komagatake seen from Sashimaki Area

The wetland plants are spread in the forest of Japanese Alder Trees (Han-No-Ki) in an area as large as 10ha. There are also some other kinds of plants growing wild in this area. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to walk around.

How to Access and other information on Sashimaki Mizubasho Colony 

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