Mar 26, 2010

Astro Boy--- Now Musical in Theater!

The theater company, Warabiza, is introducing a new musical production in April. This time it features the most famous Japanese Anime character, Atomu!

Atomu, commonly known as Astro Boy in the Western countries, is a fictional main character from “Tetsuwan Atomu” (or “Mighty Atom” in the West) originally written by Japan’s Godfather of Anime, Osamu Tezuka.

Just first, take a look at the list of credits:

Based on Original Work of Osamu Tezuka
Playwright/Stage Production: Kensuke Yokouchi
Music: Masato Kai
Choreography: Lucky Ikeda, Eri Saiki
Supervising Editor: Makoto Tezuka

Some of you might realize how great the line-up is! It is based on the original Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka, and supervised by his own son, Makoto Tezuka! The producer is Kensuke Yokouchi, whose recent work in the innovative genre of Super-kabuki has been nationally awarded. Music is by Masato Kai, who had composed for Takarazuka Theater Company and choreographed by Lucky Ikeda, one of the most recognized on TV shows. I am simply amazed. It is going to be sensational!


The year is 20xx. The body of Atomu is exhibited in a museum and even advanced humanoid robots are serving human beings in the society.

The anxiously contemplating robots form a musical band, The Blue Knights. The leading singer is Tokio, who works in a mansion of a former-scientist, Dr. Kagurazaka. His songs are so beautiful that it even touches the hearts of young humans--- “ We are also the robots of our parents and the society!” In the meanwhile, a preparatory human student, Maria, meets a robot named Azuri, and they start to fall for each other.

Together they stand---- the humans and robots! Now they are united to create a utopia named, Robotania, only to drive them out of control and leaving Tokio with a sense of responsibility… Now Tokio realizes strength of Atomu is becoming alive...

Where: Warabiza Theater
Dates: Saturday April 17th – May 30th, 2010.
Prices: 4,200yen (Adult)/ 2,625yen (Elementary-Middle School Students)
Their tour dates and prices are available online.


lina said...

We love Astro Boy! Wow - a musical!
Pity it ended before our visit to Japan.

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Oh what a shame! They do tour around after the scheduled dates in Akita, though. Maybe it will be a big hit and extend the schedule. If that ever happens, I will post it here!