Oct 22, 2009

Akita Inland Longitudinal Railway in Autumn

We took a little trip down through Nishiki, the northern area of the Semboku-shi, last week by a local train called Nairiku Jukan Testudo (秋田内陸縦貫鉄道), Akita Inland Longitudinal Railway.

The railway connects between JR Kakunodate Station in Semboku City and Takanosu Station in Kita-akita City, running through Nishiki, Ani, Yonaizawa, and Aikawa area. It has been serving as a significant transportation for the local people for almost 80 years. We were startled every minute to see the beautiful scenery of rural Japan. Now it the mountains are in  the most colorful time of the year--- The Koyo (autumn foliage) season! The mountain is covered with red, orange, and yellow and it's truly breath-taking!

This day we rode with a group of tourists from Tokyo, asking us about the dishes in the  Bento box, assuming we are railway staffs. They showed an incredible level of interests in what we eat in the local area.

The train takes you though the most secluded countryside of Japan. The train runs though the golden rice fields across the mountains, chasing down the creek and then the rivers. As you even forget how slow the time passes there, you will found yourself on top of a suspension bridge looking down the beautiful valley. The trains slows down for you for the Kodak moment.

How amazing that a beautiful moment like that can shorten the distance with a complete strangers! "Nairikusen," as we call in the local area, is magical! There was a big group of tourists from Tokyo and the commuting school-boys all smiling at one another. It was quite a moment.

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