Oct 2, 2009

First ''Hello'' to the world!

Hello, the world! And welcome to English blogs of Tazawako Tourism Association. We just launched our inbound team here and hope to see many foreign travelers in Tazawako very soon.

Tommorrow we are going to have an event at the lake called ''2-Day March''. People from all over Japan are participating for this event, along with many native Tazawakoians! This year we have a large group of local elementary school students as well. This event is held once a year, and becoming more and more popular in recent years.

There is going to be plenty of food and drinks (some alcoholic drinks served tonight at the welcoming party)~~It is an open event and the courses vary from 5 km to 40 km. The registration is open till the last minute so just come and join us!

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